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Qirui Qiyun
Edsel Ranger
Maz 6422
E One Huricane
Bmw 7
Opel Rekord 2500d Caravan Wagon
Honda Civic 36i Limited
Yamaha Aerox Sp55
Geely Mk 15 Gl
Datsun 160b
Kawasaki Vulcan 2000 Classic Lt
Generic Trigger
Yamaha Yzf R1 Limited Edition
Fiat Dino Coupe
Chevrolet Tahoe
Ultima Gtr Tt

About project

This wonderful site contains the history of automobiles from the Model T to electric and totally over the top modern cars. It includes failed models, best selling models, German, Italian, British and Japanese built cars. Here you will find photographs of the earliest model cars and cars that were utilized throughout history for various different purposes. Included are cars that were used in films- think James Bond- and cars used by average citizens every day.

The benefits of certain types and models of cars are examined and discussed. If you love cars and are fascinated by them and their production throughout history, this site will not disappoint. The most expensive and luxurious cars such as the Bentley and Rolls Royce have a wonderful history. See how they are made and read about all the high end touches that are included that make them so expensive. On the opposite end of the spectrum see the history of the most economical of cars. Read about how they sold or went under. See how cars like the Yugo went into production. The Volkswagen Beetle debuted in the late 1960's in its original form and enjoyed a resurgence again in the 1990's.

See how some people just want basic reliable transportation, while others want an extension of their personalities. Why do some people desire fast cars, big cars or foreign cars?

This fun site explains the history of all of these and more. Enjoy this interesting and factual account of our love affair with the automobile.